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Each New Agent that joins One Premier International, receives the following.  FREE of Charge, making the switch to us painless with no out of pocket cost.

1,000 FREE Business Cards
800 Number Call Capture Service

Sample of our property signs that are placed on each of your listings.

Our Call Capture 1-800 System, can be used on your property signs and your marketing.

Each agent is assigned extensions with no limits on the amount of extensions for each of your listings as well as any print or web marketing that you do.  A small usage fee is charged if your property closes.  If your property does not close, you pay nothing. 


Call capture allows you to track your marketing dollars so that you know what is working and what does not work.

We will record the annoucement and write your property scripts that the caller will listen to when entering your assigned extensions.

Caller is able to press 0 at any time and their call will be transferred to yout cell phone.

Never Miss Another Lead!  

For example, if a caller drives by one of your listings, they would call the 800# and the extension that appears on the sign that was assigned to you.  The caller will then hear a welcome message from you and a custom recorded commercial about the property.  If the caller wants more information or to schedule a showing, they will be directed to press a number that will transfer their call immediately to you.  You will also receive a text message with the callers number and extension they dialed so that you have a trackable system to call them back.  If the caller hangs up at any time during the call just to listen to the information, you will also receive a text message with the callers' number and extension.  No more calls to the office and those leads are yours!


Property Sign

We order the post for each of your listings and have the sign placed.  You may still add your own Rider with your cell phone number if you wish.

A set of Office keys that gives you 24/7 access to our office.

Professional Photography for your listings.  Each of your listings will receive 35 professional property pictures at the subsidized reduced price of $75.00 no matter what size the property is.  One premier International pays the difference.  To see a sample of property pictures taken for our agents listings Click Here and you do not have to pay for the pictures until your property closes.  No upfront cost. 

FREE Graphic Design Services

No Cost, Graphic Design Services for all your marketing needs.  We will sit with you and design your marketing pieces for your Farming, Print, Web and Property Brochures.  All Custom designed non-template so that you can develop your very own identity, differentiating yourself from the over 35,000 realtors in this market.  The benefits of being an agent with One Premier International.  Be a Professional and we'll make you look like one.  And yes, at No Cost to you!

Are you ready to Embrace Change?  Click on the banner and set up your confidential interview today!  The time is Now.

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