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The For Sale By Owner Edge Training System

In Person, In Your Office Live Prospecting Workshop

Presented by


The For Sale By Owner Authority

Bring this One-Of-A-Kind Worksop to your Office.  This is a complete Full day, Hands-On Approach.  Call me today and inquire as to how this one day workshop empowers agents with the tools, know how and confidence to prospect in this new world of real estate we live in.

Attention Brokers

Embrace the changes by preparing your agents to succeed!  Once the settlement is approved, the Buyer Compensation as we know it will be gone.  NAR has agreed to put in place a new MLS rule prohibiting offers of broker compensation on the MLS. This would mean that offers of broker compensation could not be communicated via the MLS. Further, NAR has agreed to enact a new rule that would require MLS participants working with buyers to enter into written agreements with their buyers. NAR continues, as it has done for years, to encourage its members to use buyer brokerage agreements that help consumers understand exactly what services and value will be provided, and for how much. These changes will go into effect in mid-July 2024.

The old saying of "You Must List to Last" is more relevant today than in any other time.

During Times of Uncertainty,
We Focus on the Basics!

See How This One Day Workshop Can Begin To Bring Predictable Income To Your Office, With More Listings.

Live In-Person Telephone Prospecting Workshop

If you have agents that mostly worked buyers in the past, and now they will have to learn a new system to get buyers to sign a buyer agreement and still not know when they will contribute their next company dollar, then this system will have them listing properties in no time which will add a steady flow of predictable income to your brokerage.  Take a listen and see if my easy to follow system is something your brokerage and agents can benefit from, then let's talk.




Live Full Day
In-Person Prospecting

Unleash Your Best

By Listing 1 to 3 Properties Every Month

Yes, especially in this tight inventory market. Just attend my workshop, and you'll be able to model what I say and do, as I share everything,  including listening through headsets, to both sides of the conversation while experiencing the rush of objection handling through conversations with For Sale By Owners and scheduling listing appointments live!.  


During the second half of the seminar, everyone makes calls during this interactive and immersive high-tech experience and maybe even walking away with a listing appointment or two for your office. Now that's a win win.

I'm confident that each agent will walk away with the Know How and Skills to schedule listing appointments every week but most of all, the Confidence to change their life through a predictable unlimited income potential that they've unleashed. 

Predictable Earnings Are Just A Call Away

Real LIVE Telephone Prospecting
Workshop in your Brokerage Office

Live telephone prospecting workshop, this is true Hands-On learning.  I've created this training workshop for agents that are looking to increase their income by learning in a new way, while networking with like-minded professionals within their brokerage.  Conducted in your Brokerage Office to increase your return on time during this full day (8 Hours) of "Prospecting How To..."

  • Learn How to telephone prospect For Sale By Owners, Expired Listings, For Rent By Owners , GEO Farming and Circle Prospecting.

  • Learn My Personal Scripts and RND Scripts from other top trainers.

  • Learn the systems I use to prospect with and generate quality leads daily.

  • Learn How To continually and effectively add leads daily to your funnel.

  • Best Follow-up practices using my proven system.

  • Learn by watching and listening with Q & A's after every call.  Modeling is the fastest way to learn.

  • High-Tech training, hear both sides of the conversation, and take plenty of notes.

  • Each agent will make 10-20 minutes of calls using their newly learned scripts and How To's Who knows, you may even walk-out with a listing appointment or two.

  • Each agent will receive one-15 Minute Coaching Call during the first 30 days to keep them on track.

  • Leave with a Complete Roadmap and understanding of daily prospecting.

  • Begin to have predictable income from day one.


I have 22 years of  telephone prospecting experience, and still practice it to this day! There's no objection, I can't overcome and you'll learn my secrets to being informed with my complete arsenal. 

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Workshop pricing includes 1 Box Lunch with Drink of choice from Panera Bread or a comparable establishment near your brokerage.  We reserve the right to make final decision.

Per person Minimum 10 agents. Special pricing available For office with more than 50 agents, we will schedule multiple days of 10 agents while still receiving the volume discount.  Each workshop will only allow for 10 agents at a time to maximize learning experience of each agent so to allow sufficient time for each agent to make calls and receive the maximum bang for their buck.   Includes Lunch, Workbook and One - 15 Minute Coaching Call within the first 30 days of agent attending workshop to answer any questions and keeping them on track.

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Live in-person telephone prospecting workshop where everyone experiences both sides of the call as it happens.  This is rapid fire objection handling at its best.  Learning by Modeling,  Also called imitation. Psychology. therapy in which a particular behavior is elicited by the observation of similar behavior in others

With all the changes to our industry and the declining company dollars and now the attack of the buyer broker, more than ever now
"You Must List to Last"

Call me Today!


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Ernie Emad

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Workshop, from running the numbers to the moment you step out of your car.

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