The For Sale By Owner Authority

Ernie Emad is known as the For Sale By Owner Authority, with over seventeen years of helping For Sale By Owners sell their homes faster and for more money.  


As the real estate broker/owner of One Premier International Realty, a boutique real estate brokerage located in Coral Gables. Ernie Emad is an award-winning realtor, a real estate mentor and trainer having worked with, mentored and trained hundreds of realtors in the Miami-Dade County market.  Ernie Emad is also the founder and developer of the FSBO Edge and Expired Edge training systems for realtors as well as a renowned real estate photographer and videographer with extensive marketing and social media skills.


The number of For Sale By owner transactions fell to a record low of 7 percent of all home sales in 2018, down from 8 percent in 2017 according to the NAR 2018 profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.


For Sale By Owner homeowners who try to sell their properties themselves without a real estate agent-have decreased dramatically since 1981, when they accounted for 15 percent of all home sales.


Today, consumers rely heavily on real estate agents, with over 87 percent of home buyers using real estate agents last year.  Sellers-90 percent of whom listed their homes in the MLS-placed high priority on the following five benefits of using a real estate professional;  Market the home to potential buyers (20 percent), Price the home competitiely (20 percent), Sell the home within a specific time frame (19 percent), Find a buyer for the home (14 percent).


Those FSBOs, that decided not to use an agent because they sold to a friend, relative, neighbor or a buyer direct shows why For Sale By Owners typically sold for 16 percent less than the selling price of homes represented by an agent

Trying to save 6 percent commission while leaving 16 percent on the table means you can potentially leave tens of thousands of dollars that should go to you and instead are going to the buyer giving them instant equity

All Listings Receive Professional Photography, Drone Photography along with a video walkthrough





With over 17 years of working with For Sale By Owners, my experience and training is to get more money from buyers to protect what my sellers want to net at the closing table.  I am a relentless negotiator with over 500 real estate transactions that assure your home will sell for more money and in less time!