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Why BIG BOX Real Estate Brokerage Model
No Longer Works In Changing Real Estate Market


If you are a full time real estate professional who runs their business like a business, than you can no longer make the kind of money you were making when property values were twice as much. In today's market as well as the new real estate market that we will continue to experience for the foreseeable future.


Why Traditional Real Estate Brokerage Splits are Obsolete.


  • The Takeaway, 5% or 6% Off the Top.

  • Commission Splits of 50%, 60%, 70% leaves your profits to the Broker.

  • Your Marketing Programs Cost More and will Continue to Rise.

  • Printed Materials to Market your Properties are not Cheap.

  • Floor Personnel Takes Away your Leads.

  • Company Paid Marketing of your Properties Direct Leads to Office NOT YOU!

  • Company Provided Signs for your Listings Generate Office Calls Bypassing You.

  • Your Marketing Dollars to Advertise Company Websites Generate Office Calls.

  • Monthly Fees.


These are just some of the reasons why traditional brokerages chip away at your potential earnings. Discover why independent real estate companies are thriving and will continue to do so as top professional are leaving traditional real estate brokerages to have more freedom to close more deals and keeping more of their earned commissions.


What Traditional Real Estate Brokerage Companies Don't Tell You.


  • Hidden Fees.

  • Furnished Leads cost you 20%, 30%, 40% or more.

  • Commission splits of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% .

  • Assigned Mentor Splits reduces your commissions.

  • Floor Personnel ends up with your hard earned leads.

  • Monthly Fees.

  • Copy Fees.

  • Miscellaneous Fees.

  • Desk Fees.

  • Technology Fees.

  • Telephone Fees.

  • Transaction Management Fees.


These are just a few of the reasons why traditional Commission Splits are no longer attractive or profitable for agents.


  • Experienced agents receive 90% Commission Split.

  • No Monthly Fees!

  • No Hidden Fees!

  • No Floor Personnel, Your Leads are Yours, Period.

  • Professional Photography for all your listings.

  • Custom In-House Graphic Department.

  • Broker Mentor Program for new and less experienced agents.

  • Signs with our Call Capture Technology and your own extension.

  • Training classes in small groups.

  • 24/7 Broker Access.

  • Brian Buffini Peak Producer 12 week Training system.

New to Real Estate? Looking to take your Real Estate Profession to a new level? ONe Premier International has a tailored Broker Mentor Program that will guarantee to take your business to the next level with higer commission splits than the bix box brokerages. Find out about our Broker Mentor Program by going to the menu at the top of the page and click on the Broker-Mentor link


Find out why at ONE PREMIER INTERNATIONAL our agents thrive and list more. From our award winning FSBO Training to our Hold-Your-Hand approach to see that each agent succeeds. Schedule a confidential appointment with Ernie Emad the Broker/Owner today!

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